There is a big world of AA! I will use this space to provide information on:

Requests for Member Sharing. There are often calls for stories and other member shared experience for use in AA books and pamphlets. Check out the opportunities available now!

Upcoming Events. A variety of conferences, workshops and other events are always on the calendar. You may be able to access some national, or even international, events virtually. You may also find that an in-person event is happening when and where you will be travelling. Check out the current list!

AA website. Every resource imaginable! Click on the link and take a look around!

AA Grapevine. Purchase a subscription and see what new books have been released!

Grapevine is our “meeting in print” and, as with all AA meetings, it is the forum where we share our stories with each other. We all have little snippets stored in our memory – things we heard at a meeting – that have great meaning in our recovery journey. It might be a story of how someone worked a particular Step, or reached a place of acceptance, or found their own, individual understanding of a Higher Power. Stories that encourage us, make us laugh, or help us “live life on life’s terms.” We carry these stories in our memory, draw on them when we are having trouble or need inspiration, and pass them on to others in the Fellowship.

In a nutshell, that’s Grapevine. The stories in Grapevine are OUR stories. The jokes and artwork in each month’s Grapevine all come from AA members. Be a part of Grapevine by submitting your story. Really, you can do it!

Here is a list of the 2023 monthly magazine “topics” with the corresponding due date.

The AA Service Manual, revised, and with a new layout!