It is the collective conscience of AA Groups across the US and Canada which guides our Fellowship. That conscience acts through the General Service Conference, where matters of importance to AA as a whole are considered and discussed.

AA Service Manual, p. 5:

Area delegates make up at least two-thirds of the Conference body. Other members making up the General Service Conference are 21 trustees, both nonalcoholic (Class A) and alcoholic (Class B); directors of A.A. World Services and Grapevine; and A.A. staff at G.S.O., Grapevine and La Viña, bringing the total number of Conference members to approximately 135.

At the annual Conference, matters of importance to A.A. as a whole are considered and discussed. Items approved by a two-thirds majority of Conference members become Conference Advisory Actions; they are referred to the trustees of the General Service Board for disposition.

After the Conference meeting: Each delegate reports back to their area on Conference proceedings and the approved Conference Advisory Actions and additional committee considerations. Each GSR, having had the opportunity to hear from and ask questions of their delegate, is responsible for informing their group on the Conference outcome.