We have a new process for submitting events that will give you more control over managing your events after you submit them! However, it will require a couple of changes to the process.

      1. If you plan to post a flyer, the flyer must be an IMAGE (not a PDF).  Acceptable file formats are JPG, PNG, and GIF. If you only have a PDF available, you can convert it to a JPG here. NOTE: once you get to this conversion page, please be sure to drag and drop or upload your file to the large yellow box. DO NOT CLICK ON THE ADVERTISING ABOVE THE YELLOW BOX (see screenshot below). We understand this is not 100% convenient, but we hope to have PDF functionality soon.

        Once you arrive at the site to convert your flyer to a JPG (using the link in the text above), be sure to drag your flyer file into the yellow box to convert itplease do not click on the advertising above the yellow box. 


      2. You must create an account (or log in with an existing account) before you can submit an event (if you’ve ever purchased anything from our Online Store, you can use that same username/password; you do not have to create a new one). Once you’re logged in, you can both submit new events, as well as go back and make corrections to events you’ve already submitted. Moving forward, if a date or time has changed, a flyer image needs to be updated, or you need to cancel/delete your event, etc., you can make the updates without waiting on the NHAA Webmaster!  🙂
      3. Once you have your flyer image ready and have set up your username and password (if you didn’t already have one), go to http://nhaa.net/events/community/add to add your event!

NOTE: Once you submit a NEW event, it will not appear instantly on the website. The web team has to review all event submissions before they are published live.  This is to ensure that all events submitted align with AA Traditions.