6:30 am ZOOM ONLY - Early Birds Group Online Methodist Church 154 Main St Nashua Discussion, Online, Open, Temporary Closure
8:00 am Peculiar Mental Twists Group Temporary Closure Grace Lutheran Church 130 Spit Brook Rd Nashua Closed, Discussion, Step Meeting, Temporary Closure
9:30 am Downtown Group Temporary Closure Church of the Good Shepherd 214 Main St Nashua Discussion, Open, Speaker, Temporary Closure
11:30 am Sisters In Sobriety Group Temporary Closure First Church 1 Concord St Nashua Closed, Speaker, Temporary Closure, Wheelchair Access
7:30 pm ZOOM ONLY - SNL Young Peoples Group (Saturday Night Live) Online H.E.A.R.T.S. 5 Pine St Ext #2K Nashua Discussion, Online, Open, Speaker, Step Meeting, Temporary Closure, Wheelchair Access
8:00 pm New Alternative Group United Methodist Church 63 Arlington St Nashua Discussion, Open, Speaker, Wheelchair Access