BTG, Pre-release, Hotline Volunteer Form

If you would like to volunteer to provide a temporary contact for people who are coming out of institutions, or to volunteer for the Help Line, please fill out the following form and submit it. An email will be sent to NHAA Area 43 Treatment Committee Chair with the details of your interests.

Bridging The Gap is a program that provides temporary contacts for people who are leaving treatment factlities. Contacts agree to contact the person, take them to six meetings, introduce them to other AA’s, provide them with a meeting list, and in general, get them started. You are not volunteering to be a permanent or temporary sponsor. Learn more about Bridging The Gap.

The Prison Pre-Release program is similar to Bridging the Gap but for men and women who are getting out of incarceration. The NHAA Hotline volunteer will get calls from the Hotline answering service with the contact information of people who have called the hotline and wish to speak to someone from AA. These calls can be a simple as “where’s a good meeting” to complicated as someone who is in crisis and reaching out for help.

Please complete and submit the form below and we’ll get in touch with you about volunteer opportunities!
The most efficient way to let us know you want to volunteer is to fill out the form below. If you're not comfortable with online forms, you can email the respective committee chairs (Treatment, Corrections, Hotline) to get a paper form or to request additional information. Thank you!
Thank you for volunteering. Someone will be contacting you soon with more details. Best regards, Area 43 Treatment Chairperson, Area 43 Corrections Chairperson, NHAA HOTLINE 1-800-593-3330