There is a big world of AA! Many cool AA resources are available in digital format, but knowing where to look – and searching through lots of pages of information – can be daunting. I will use this space to provide links to helpful resources. Of course, I encourage you to explore the websites of AA World Services and Grapevine for yourself!

The AA Service Manual, revised, and with a new layout!

12 Steps Illustrated

12 Traditions Illustrated

12 Concepts illustrated

A list of all the services provided by GSO

On this page you will also find links to upcoming regional and international AA conferences and service assemblies.

Regional and Local Forums are sharing sessions which allow the General Service Board, as well as GSO and Grapevine staff, to stay in touch with AA members. Information about upcoming Forums and Reports from past events can be accessed.

The Northeast Regional AA Service Assembly, NERAASA, is one of my favorite events. 1,000+ AA members involved in service gather to learn from each other and discuss topics of importance to AA as a whole.